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4 ways sales could get more value out of AI

There is tremendous buzz about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its power to transform business. Sales is no exception. Lately articles have reported sky-high ROI from AI designed to boost field and inside sales force performance. The truth is that only a small number of sales forces are using AI successfully.

Another article we recommend, this time from Harvard Business Review, listing 4 ways on how digital technology and AI boost sales performance. Read the full article here.

The authors recommend to consider four major challenges and some surprisingly simple but often missed solutions. Based on our Rootit implementations we can only confirm that they are right and that by applying those 4 rules, your application of AI in sales will become a success story:

  1. Get a cross-functional team to work together, preferably bottom-up

  2. Integrate data from diverse sources, but start small

  3. Realize value quickly, in an agile way with ongoing feedback from the sales force

  4. Get adoption by salespeople: align with their daily work, deliver insights and provide explanations

Read the full article here.


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